Friday, August 14, 2009

Say Cheese!!

On August 19th, Ethan will be officially one year and a month old. He had a very nice birthday celebration. We have been fortunate enough to be blessed with such wonderful family and friends. I always think Ethan is the luckiest child in the world and he doesn't even know it. But he will some day.

When he was only a month old, Ethan had (we counted) over 2000 photos taken of him. Now that he is a year-old, I have lost track of the number. We have also moved onto “high def” videos now. My husband wants to capture EVERY minute of Ethan's life on video. Even when his dad records Ethan having a “moment” worth capturing, Brent would say “did you get that on high def??” That is the word of the year now. Everything is “high def” this or “high def” that.

But honestly, I am very grateful that Brent has taken on video duty. I have about enough energy just keeping up with Ethan and taking care of the household, that I am glad someone else is willing to take on that task.

Which brings me to my point—it is soooo important that we document our kid’s life or life in general. Granted, Brent and I are both visual people. He is an Illustrator and I am a Graphic Designer. But doesn’t everyone love pictures?? I love rummaging through old family photos or just photos in general. I often catch myself, as I'm cleaning or organizing, stop in mid-cleaning to look at photos I've come across. As a matter of fact, I find that I've stopped cleaning for a good half-an-hour or so because I can’t stop looking and laughing or daydreaming about that one moment in time that was captured on film (as they call it in the old days).

So consider this a reminder that no matter how busy our lives get, no matter how crazy work is and how hectic our schedules can be—STOP—take a moment and capture those special and not so special moments on film or video or cell phone. You’ll be glad you did. Time does go by soooo fast.

Here are some of Ethan in just the last year. Wow!! He sure has changed a lot. I'm so glad we have these images to treasure.