Thursday, July 9, 2009

Losing My Religion…

This song keeps running through my head this morning, so it inspired me to add a new post to my blog. It begs me to think about Ethan and His religion. Does he have one yet?? Are children born religious or is religion what we as parents decide to instill in our children. What do you think??

I didn't grow up being religious coming from a 3rd generation Chinese family. I remember asking my parents if they believed in God and the response I would get is “I believe in my own two hands.” I can see their point. Both my parents have worked tirelessly all their lives to provide for us and have what they have. Although, my belief is that they Must have had some help from above.

Brent was raised Catholic. I believe in God and consider myself to be a Christian. Brent thinks I am not religious, but more Spiritual. This leads me to ask "What religion will Ethan be?” Brent's response is usually “He'll be what he'll be.” — which leaves me wondering still. Aren't we the ones that will influence what his religious beliefs will be?? So do we start going to church when he's old enough to know?? We don't go religiously now (no pun intended). Do we baptize him?? (That is Catholic, right??)

In the end of the day, I respect most religions, except ones having to do will killing people (and animals) and I try to live my life being a good person and always striving to do the right thing—not that I always succeed. I do have to thank Brent, though, because he has taught me how to be a better person.


brent said...

I told Merry not to many people would be interested in talking about religion because I dont think people are really very interested in the subject. I found it incredibly dull growing up. Then when you get older, it gets harder to believe in what some of it says. Does anyone really believe in miracles, prophecies or the power to move mountains? I find the subject more interesting now. I am starting to believe that God is slowly being removed from us to make certain that we do not move any mountains.

Merry Yee said...

Ethan is my proof that there is a God and miracles happen everyday.

brent said...

very true

Anonymous said...

i was raised Catholic. let me re-phrase....forced to be Catholic!
about the time of confirmation i more or less had my self thrown out of the classes. this was my attitude pretty much until Aurora was born.
Then fear sets in. Maybe there is more??? So i signed us up for a methodist church that would take my bastard children (according to my very catholic grandma!) We had Aurora baptized, not because I believed in "original sin" but as a way of asking God to watch over her. Then the pastor left that I liked and we kind of dropped off. So comes Auggie and we did the same. Just asked God to watch over them. That was my big reason for getting them baptized. And we quit going once again cuz the got rid of the nursery hours during service, wanted me to attend church classes after service and hounded us for money relentlessly! So church ended on a bad note AGAIN!!!!
Now we talk about stuff anytime they want. I will send them to bible school in the summer so they have an idea about the whole story and its fun! As for me...I'm kind of evolving in my own thing. I'd say I'm spiritual. I'm looking in the Tao. I have my background to keep me in "check"!!! We had a big conversation this weekend over alcoholic beverages with some friends about religion. My girlfriend never had a religious up bringing. She has a child and doesn't do anything with him either. She thinks it all ends and thats just how it is. I couldn't live like that. There has to be more to this life and that what i tell my kids. This all a stepping stone to something else. So far so good.
Most religion is just passed on to kids anyway. Unless your born again Christian and most of those seems to be trying to recover from something bad. in my opinion!!!

brent said...

recovering from something bad, ha ha. Strange but true. There must be something more!!...???

Merry Yee said...

Hey April,

Thanks for your input. It helps. I agree that we should baptize Ethan for pretty much the same reason. I think it would mean a lot to Brent's family since they are Catholic. But, I mainly would do so that Ethan is watched after by a higher being. You know, the main Dog--God spelled backwards. I know some people would think badly of me joking around about Him. But I believe He has a sense of humor.

I guess I believe that being spiritual is more important than being religious. I always tell Brent that there are a lot of people who go to church, but don't seem like “good” people to me. Then there are those who don't attend, or at least not regularly, who are really decent people.

I probably will expose Ethan to some form of religion as he grows up. I do truly believe there is a higher being. I just don't know who this being is or how he/she operates yet. I believe it is something you will only know after you have moved on to the next “place”.

As for Ethan, he will be guided towards religion and then he will find his own path. I don't want to force anything on him since religion was not forced on me. Brent will have input, too.

I also agree with Brent about your last comment. That is something I have always believed, too. It's just funny to see it in writing by somebody else.

Merry Yee said...

This was a response from my friend Brad on my facebook:

You guys are 2 of the best people I have known - you both do the right thing and are always there for others. And yes we all have that curiosity about what else is out's just human nature. Happens sooner or later. But I believe you will both set a good example for him. You both possess the good foundation that parents should have. Sounds like Brent wants him to be able to choose when he gets older, but in the mean time I wouldn't stray from being spiritual if that is what you feel is right.

Merry Yee said...

This was a response from Harold on my facebok:

The Bible talks about that issue @ Romans 2:11-16 ... Paul starts with the thought "God is not partial" and then goes on to explain that "People have a law written on their hearts" Later in Romans 3:19-26 Paul explains righteousness as being through faith.
Finally @ Romans 5:1-13 Paul explains how faith produces the hope that religion "should" offer. Romans 5:5 expresses it directly. So there is a law written on our hearts.
There was and still is a huge gap between religious laws and the spiritual law written on our hearts, that hope that the bible offers through faith is intended to address that gap and offer us direction when "religion" fails us...

Merry Yee said...

This was a response from my friend Angie on facebook:

Love the blog idea! As for your topic today - religion is such a subjective subject, and you just have to follow your heart. And aren't children the most spiritual of us all? I think they can teach us much more than we could ever teach them.

Merry Yee said...

This was a response from Connie on facebook:

I believe the children shall lead us. They learn what they live, and assume the entire world believes as you. For example, my little Kimmy had every table at Burger King saying grace with her, she never knew any different. Of course, who was going to refuse to hold hand with a two year old, stranger or not, with such a request.